For a Grieving Mother: Your Guide to Ease the Pain After Your Child Dies

So that you can process your emotions in a healthy way, and get out of the survival mode of grief

If your child died, you have probably experienced the after affects of child loss: Anxiety, trauma, health issues, sleep deprivation, lost friendships, isolation, weight gain/loss... so many I could go on and on. And maybe you've found yourself thinking that your life is over, that you are completely broken, and wondering if you will ever feel okay again?

Dear Grieving Mother,

I help grieving mothers like you find tools to cope with the pain after your child dies, and learn how to feel your emotions with mindfulness practices and Rapid Resolution conversations

If you've struggled with the pain of grief, you've gone to therapy for years and years, you've taken medication for your anxiety or sleep, you've replayed the what ifs, the should haves in your mind over and over, and you have no idea how to feel better, you've found the right place.

Child Loss is something that turns your whole world upside down.

Here's the thing...

if you don't learn how to process your emotions and the pain you are feeling, not only are they draining your energy constantly, but they will force you to deal with them eventually.

Grief doesn't go away because you ignore it. It will wait patiently and continue to wear you down until you don't have a choice but to deal with it.

The reason you are stuck, cycling, and just surviving every day, is not because you are not trying hard enough. It's not because you are broken.

I see you. I know you are doing the best you can and doing everything you can to hold your shattered world together.

It's just that you haven't been given the right tools and the right place to learn how to ease this pain and suffering.

This doesn't have to be a scary process, or something you need to go down into the depths of despair in order to process emotions.

Grieving Moms Haven has a variety of mindfulness practices, tools, and resources that can guide you through these emotions, and ease the pain of grief.

Think of it as the life raft that gives you the capacity to ride the waves of grief instead of being taken over the many waves of grief that come.

Finally Get the Help and Guidance You Are Looking For

Learn to carry your grief and joy together, connecting with your child through love, and releasing suffering and pain.

Hi, I'm Megan

A Grieving Mother Turned Grief Coach and Guide

When my daughter Aria died, I had never felt such painful emotions before in my life. I didn’t know what to do with them. I feared that if I began to feel my emotions, I would go into a deep dark hole and never come out.

I desperately wanted to learn how to ease this pain I was feeling, and I started doing everything I could. I went to therapy, I went to support groups, I found other moms who were a great comfort to me that I could talk to. 

But I realized that these things could only get me so far. It was like I hit a plateau and couldn’t get any further past. I was still anxious all the time. I dreaded birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, I was afraid to feel hope because I might be brought more pain. I didn’t even realize how stressed out my body was until I ended up in the hospital with my face going numb, and I hadn’t slept for months. I realized something had to change.

It wasn’t until I began to fully allow myself to feel and move through my emotions in my body, that I began to feel a shift in my grief. I began to realize that I didn’t need to be afraid of my emotions, because I knew how to feel them. I also realized that my anxiety and dread of holidays, birthdays, future pregnancies, and the other things that used to bring me a lot of fear had disappeared, because I knew how to handle any emotion that came up for me.

This freedom I felt from the constant pain of Aria’s death, allowed me to begin to be grateful that I get to be her mother. This freedom of debilitating pain made me want to help others like me who were struggling with the pain of grief, and give them tools and resources to feel okay again.

 I started to learn everything I could about mindfulness practices, somatic practices, how healing in the body works, and I began creating all the the tools, resources, meditations, and tapping sessions inside of Grieving Moms Haven to help grieving mothers specifically, because these moms are close to my own heart, and I want to give you the guide to have freedom from the pain as well.

I know first hand how powerful these tools are, and how imperative it is to process grief through your body.

There is just no amount of talking that will help you move forward, and so that’s why Grieving Moms Haven exists. To give you a place with 24/7 access, where you can actually begin to experience a shift and change in your grief experience. All while knowing that none of us want to move on or forget our child. So Grieving Moms Haven helps you ease the pain of grief, without needing to forget, let go, or move on from your child.

In fact, it helps you create connection with them, and carry them forward with you.

I never planned on creating a space that will help grieving mothers like me, and like you, but the fact that Aria’s death has been able to mean something and helped me create this amazing space for you means the world to me.

Grieving Moms Haven Community Members

"We can share our grief experiences in this safe and supported time..."

Mary Anne

"My favorite part of GMH is the monthly coaching calls. When you guiding us through our living, evolving and changing grief experience of child loss with all the coaching wisdom from how to process our feelings, thoughts and emotions, breath work, grief in your body work, EFT variations, and time to talk with other moms and share our grief experiences in this safe and supported time makes everything seem so real, valid, heard, and seen."

"I needed to know that it was going to get better..."


I was intensely anxious and afraid of what was going to happen next. I was shattered and my life was in pieces. I could barely leave my house I was so afraid. It’s given me hope that there is life after loss, especially child loss. I needed to know that it was going to get better, and I could see my progress as the months went on. I know now that what I was feeling was normal and to not be afraid of the terrifying emotions that come with the loss of my son. I use the tools that Megan taught me and I connect with our group when I need to so it’s a life raft of sorts in a very stormy sea.

"I was able to release the feelings of sadness, guilt, or anger and my body was able to feel peace."


Going through the course in Grieving Moms Haven, I have been given some very valuable tools that I can implement on a daily basis. Its like a roadmap. Implementing these tools was a real eye openers for me. I was connecting to my body , and I was amazed on what feelings came up...With the visualizations or breathe work I was able to release the feelings of sadness, guilt, or anger and my body was able to feel peace. My favourite part of Grieving Moms Haven is being able to share with the other Moms of the group on the 2 calls per month with Megan. I can totally be myself in a very safe setting and I feel heard, seen, and validated.

"I am feeling a shift. I am going to be ok. I’m not just telling myself or others I’m going to be ok, I really know I am ok!"


I am so grateful to have found you and trusted you. Your gift of support, knowledge and wisdom has helped me in many ways. I have years and many hard core debilitating miles on my journey with grief and now I am feeling a shift. I am going to be ok. I’m not just telling myself or others I’m going to be ok, I really know I am ok! Not long ago I was hopeless everything was grey, nothing had any hint of color. Today I am at a place with in myself that I never thought was possible.

Grieving Moms Haven has given me "more peaceful, calm days"

Grieving Moms Haven Member

Grieving Moms Haven has given me, "More peaceful, calm days. More acceptance to fully grieve and not to be afraid of all the emotions that are part of grieving."

Before GMH I supressed a lot of feelings and was very exhausted feeling I was doing grief wrong.

Grieving Moms Haven Member

My favorite part of Grieving Moms Haven is tapping and the reassurance that I am normal. It's a place A place were I can work with and feel my grief and emotions and not feel so alone. Before GMH I supressed a lot of feelings and was very exhausted feeling I was doing grief wrong. Now I feel like I am a little less exhausted and I feel less alone and crazy."

"I have even more hope for the future"

Grieving Moms Haven Member

Thank you Megan Hillukka for putting in so much time and effort to help others. I wish I had had these resources when my daughter died 11 years ago but I'm so grateful that I found you and Grieving Moms Haven. I have even more hope for the future where at first I couldn't even think of going through one more day without my daughter.

The coaching program of Megan is by far the the “therapy” that most directly focused on what was going on in my body, mind, and soul.

Grieving Moms Haven Member

I have never worked so hard at anything in my life as I have to recover my life…I have never needed so much help emotionally, psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually to regain my life…I use Grieving Moms Haven as a resource for processing my grief. The coaching program of Megan is by far the the “therapy” that most directly focused on what was going on in my body, mind, and soul. She accomplished with her coaching interpersonal skills and Grieving Moms Haven Program what years of cognitive therapy could not break through. The coaching program of Megan is by far the the “therapy” that most directly focused on what was going on in my body, mind, and soul.

"It has given me a place were I can work with and feel my grief and emotions and not feel so alone."

Grieving Moms Haven Member

My favorite part of Grieving Moms Haven are the tapping and the reassurance that I am normal. It has given me a place were I can work with and feel my grief and emotions and not feel so alone. Before I joined Grieving Moms Haven, I suppressed a lot of feelings and was very exhausted feeling I was doing grief wrong.

Included Inside of Grieving Moms Haven

  • 2 Monthly Live Calls(On Maternity Leave Until August) to have a place of accountability and connection with others walking a similar path. These calls give you the time to make space for your grief.
  • Life After Child Loss Program: A grieving moms guide to hope and healing- the closest thing to a step-by-step guide you can get.
  • Tapping: to process all the emotions in a healthy way that come with grief. There are tapping meditations for every emotion and experience you can have as a bereaved mother.
  • Breath work: to help calm anxiety, panic attacks, and bring calm and peace to your body.(Yes it's possible to feel calm and peace in your body, and get a moment away from the anxious and racing thoughts in your mind)
  • Meditation: to connect with your body and learn how to flow with all of the emotions of grief so you don't stay stuck them 
  • Grief journal to get your thoughts out of your head, write your memories of your child, and process your emotions around grief? (Yes, that's in there too)
  • Private podcast feed: that lets you listen to the meditations, tapping, and breath work audios easily anytime and anywhere grief hits and you need support 
  • Private community area: just for the moms inside of the membership, so you can get the support from others who understand, and know you are not alone
  • Bonus Workshops: including, How to Navigate Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Holidays, Trauma and Grief, and Anxiety and Grief, with workshops and resources continually added to Grieving Moms Haven.

This is not your typical membership where you are loaded with information, though there is plenty of that inside. This is a place that gives you real, tangible, and proven tools to help you feel better as you learn to carry grief and joy together.

It literally is the best thing a grieving mother can join if she wants to do everything she can to heal and move through grief.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm afraid of a group, or like to grieve by myself?

    The beautiful thing about Grieving Moms Haven is you can join in community as much as you want and need, but there are also many tools available for if you don't want the community, but want ways of learning to cope and deal with all the emotions coming up. All the live calls are anonymous, so you only take part publicly if you want, otherwise you can take part in the calls anonymously.

  • What if I can't make it to the live calls?

    The calls are recorded and put in a private area of the membership so only members can watch. This way if you miss the call, you still can benefit from the group experience.

  • How can I know if this will help my grief? It seems like nothing can.

    Considering that Grieving Moms Haven is made for grieving mothers and many other grieving mothers have already joined and gone through and felt huge shifts in their grief, is proof that this is possible for you too. The tools inside are life changing and eye opening. If you show up and do the work, and open up to what's possible, you absolutely will notice a shift and change in your grief. You can't know 100% until you try it, but why wouldn't you do everything you can to ease the pain of grief?

  • What exactly do I get joining Grieving Moms Haven?

    2 Coaching Calls a month with special access to Megan, Private Support Group in between calls, Life After Child Loss Program, Workshops- including Navigating Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Holidays, Anxiety and Loss, and countless tapping, meditation, and visualizations that were created specifically for child loss.

  • How is this different than therapy?

    Instead of weekly appointments that cost an average of $150 a time, you get 24/7 access for 1/10 of the cost and get proven and effective tools that are made by someone who understands grief, while your therapist might have only read about grief in a book. Grieving Moms Haven is an amazing resource, even if you are already going to therapy, as all the tools help support your body and mind in a different way than talk therapy does. This way, you are supporting yourself as much as you possible can in the most horrific time in your life.

  • Do you offer any refunds?

    Grieving Moms Haven is a month-to-month community and resource and you can cancel anytime, thus we do not offer any refunds.

  • Is this only for adult children/babies?

    Grieving Moms Haven is for any mother whose child or baby died at any age. Everything inside is there to support you through your own unique grief experience, and it doesn't matter what age or how long it's been since your child died.

If you are If you are exhausted of all the changes grief has brought into your life and you want to get out the survival mode you've been living in, you're in the right place...

If you would rather continue in survival mode while your life continues to fall apart around you, Grieving Moms Haven is probably not for you. So if you want something to change, join below!

Is Grieving Moms Haven For You?

If you say yes to 3 of these, Grieving Moms Haven is a place especially for you...

  • You have tried many other things including different types of therapy, medication, free support groups, and you haven't felt a shift in your grief that you want- and you wonder if anything can help.

  • You feel lonely and isolated in your grief (disconnected from your spouse, and other relationships in your life) and you want a community and place of others who understand.

  • You are having trouble sleeping every night since your child died, and feel so exhausted every day.

  • Your child died recently or many years ago(or at any age or gestation) and you know that you want outside support and guidance- you don't want to try to do it all alone.

  • You have anxiety on a daily or weekly basis.

  • You know you need to learn how to feel your emotions but you have no idea how to start.

  • You dread holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays.

  • You are in constant survival mode, and are tired of living this way.